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8 November 2010 Ron Paul on CNBC, thinks the Fed will self destruct, Krugman totally discredited

10 November 2010 EU threatens to block Chinese bids for public contracts; Wall Street makes billions as swaps backfire; Only entities short silver are Fed-backed Banks; Cravath, Swaine to advise pro bono on Harrisburg Bankruptcy; California discloses $25 billion budget hole.

11 November 2010 Matt Taibbi: Courts Helping Banks Screw Over Homeowners (Rolling Stone).

12 November 2010 Nassim Taleb: "The Fed's Business Is Price Instability" (Bloomberg via Zero Hedge).

14 November 2010 The Nine Most "Inconvenient" RoboSigning Admissions BofA Would Love To Disappear (Zero Hedge); Rip-off by the Federal Reserve (Illuminati Conspiracy Archives); Bill Buckler On The Incompatibility Of Money And The Modern Financial System - A Look At The Upcoming Great Unwind Now That All 'Talk' Has Failed (Zero Hedge).

15 November 2010 Who Will Stand Up to the Superrich? (New York Times); Quantitative Easing Explained (YouTube); Fed ties China as world's top holder of Treasuries (Zero Hedge); Robosigning for Idiots (Reuters); Just When You Thought You Knew Something About Mortgage Securitizations (Zero Hedge).

16 November 2010 EU President Admits That Europe Is Fighting For Survival, Invokes M.A.D. Card (Zero Hedge); CME Raises Gold Futures Margins By 6%, Hikes Silver Margins For Second Time In Under A Week (Zero Hedge); Austria Witholds Funds To EU Greece Bailout Package, Says Greece Hasn't Met Commitments To EU On Public Finances (Zero Hedge); New York Comptroller Anticipates Larger Average Wall Street Bonuses In 2010 (Zero Hedge)

17 November 2010 The horrible truth starts to dawn on Europe's leaders (Telegraph UK); Greek December Aid Tranche Delayed Until January - Charting Europe's Slow Motion Train Wreck (Zero Hedge); NACA's Bruce Marks Goes Postal At JPM Crony During Yesterday's Fraudclosure Hearing (Zero Hedge)

18 November 2010 Ethics Panel Outlines Charges Against Representative Maxine Waters (New York Times); Chinese Blame US as Food Inflation Bites (Voice of America); How Goldman Sachs gambled on starving the world's poor - and won (Johann Hari - July 2010); Manchester United Player Eric Cantona Appeals For Europeans To Pull Their Money Out of Banks (Zero Hedge)

19 November 2010 Guest Post: As Things Fell Apart, Nobody Paid Much Attention (Zero Hedge); Marc Faber: "China And The US Are On A Collision Course", Sees 10% Real Inflation In China (Zero Hedge); Gold/Silver Ratio: Silver Going Higher? (Zero Hedge); In Hong Kong $1.8 Million Gets You 400 Sq. Feet, And Other Observations On The Biggest Bubble Ever, From Dylan Grice (Zero Hedge); Why Pimco's Purchase Of Another $30 Billion In MBS (Much Of It On Margin) May Be Very Bad News For Bank Of America (And Taxpayers) (Zero Hedge); Chris Martenson And Ted Butler Discuss The End Of Silver Price Manipulation (Zero Hedge); US Mint Reports Soaring November Month-To-Date Silver Coin Sales Surpass 2010 High Following Massive Rush Into Precious Metal (Zero Hedge); Dear Uncle Sucker By Barry Ritholtz (CNBC) The letter Warren Buffett should have written

20 November 2010 Guest Post: Currency Wars And The Fed's Demise (Zero Hedge); It's the "Bernank" that done it! (Zero Hedge)

21 November 2010 Irish Member of Parliament Foresaw The Truth: "We Are Screwed As A Country Because Of The Wrongdoing Of Others" (ZeroHedge); I Would Sign Any Letter to Avert an Inflation Crisis: Kevin Hassett (Bloomberg)

22 November 2010 After The RINO Fiasco, Meet Frazer Frost's Other Clients (Zero Hedge); Jim Rogers: "Ireland Should Go Bankrupt" (Zero Hedge); Silver Shortages Accelerate As Wholesale Supplies Plunge: Krieger/Keiser - 1; JP Morgan - 0 (Zero Hedge); Gasparino On The Implications Of The Latest Insider Trading Spectacle (Zero Hedge); Barney Frank Resumes His Extremely Hypocritial Ways By Calling All Fed Attacks "Extreme Hypocrisy" (Zero Hedge); Insider Selling To Buying Ratio Approaches Five Digits, Hits Record 8,280x In Week Ending November 19 (Zero Hedge); Guest Post: The Key to Understanding "Recession" and "Recovery": The Wealth Pyramid (Zero Hedge)

23 November 2010 Insider Trading Is "Everywhere," Matt Taibbi Says: "The Fear Is There's No End to It" (Yahoo Tech Ticker); FOMC Minutes: Fed Is Now Openly Targeting A (Much) Lower Dollar (Zero Hedge); Outside the Oval / The Case Against the Fed (Hussman Funds)

24 November 2010 "Obama is Toast", Davidowitz Says: U.S. to Face Dollar Crisis by 2012 (Yahoo Tech Ticker); On Spain's "Self-Reinforcing" Collapse And Why It Will Get Much Worse Soon (Zero Hedge)

25 November 2010 Euroskeptic Nigel Farage: The Euro Game is Up (YouTube); PBOC Researcher Calls on U.S. to Sell Gold Reserves, People's Daily Says (Bloomberg)

26 November 2010 Chinese Exchanges Hike Margins On Virtually All Commodities In (Temporary) Attempt To Cool Surging Prices (Zero Hedge); Presenting The Irish Bailoutees: A Redux (Zero Hedge); A Majority Of Americans Believe The US Government No Longer Operates Within The Constitution (Zero Hedge); Loss Given Default: From Madrid to Los Angeles Foreclosures Set to Crest in 2011-2012 (Zero Hedge); Surge Of Inexplicable After Hours Selling Takes Gold Volatility Index To All Time Low (Zero Hedge)

27 November 2010 Instead of Actually Dealing With Rampant Mortgage Fraud, Fed Orders More Faux Stress Tests (Zero Hedge)

28 November 2010 Repost of Crystal Moore robosigning testimony (YouTube); The Euro Has Become Schrodinger's Money: Goldman Sees European Currency As Both Alive And Dead (Zero Hedge); Following Hungary And Ireland, France Is Next To Seize Pension Funds (Zero Hedge); Guest Post: Lies Across America (Zero Hedge)

29 November 2010 More Chinese Fraud: Kerrisdale Claims China Education Alliance (NYSE:CEU) Is "Mostly A Hoax" - Stock Monkeyhammered (Zero Hedge); Goodbye Irish Sovereignty: EU Commissioner Olli Rehn Issues His First Directive As Overlord Of The Emerald Isle (Zero Hedge); AG Eric Holder Launches Criminal Probe On Wall Street (Zero Hedge); Simon Black Advocates Leaving America As The "Most Effective" Way To Fight The Battle With "The Mob-Installed Government Beast" (Zero Hedge); The Great MERS Whitewash Bill (Zero Hedge); White House calls WikiLeaks, leakers criminals (Reuters)

30 November 2010 UPS, Dow, Northrop Grumman Borrow Money to Fund Pension Plans; Massive Lies at CalPERS to Hide Pension Losses (Mish Shedlock); An Interview With WikiLeaks' Julian Assange (Forbes); Exclusive: WikiLeaks Will Unveil Major Bank Scandal (Forbes); WikiLeaks Mystery: Which Chinese Leader Googled Self? They All Did (Forbes); Gold In Euros Breaks Out, As Inedible Metal Hits All Time Highs In Europe (Zero Hedge); CFTC to unveil position limit plan Dec 16 (Reuters); As Euro Tumbles, Gold Squeeze Gets Vicious (Zero Hedge); Case Shiller Confirms House Market Deterioration Accelerates (Zero Hedge); Olli Rehn's Upcoming Executive Diktat To Ireland #2: "Double Your Tax Rate" (Zero Hedge); Here's Something That You Will Not Find Elsewhere - Proof That Ireland Will Have To Default . . . (Zero Hedge)

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