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01 February 2011 On Mervyn King's Apology That Central Banks Are Destroying The Middle Class' Standard Of Living (Zero Hedge); Knight Capital's European Macro Notes - Why the Rally? (Zero Hedge); Guest Post: The Mathematics Of Hyper-Inflation (Zero Hedge); Guest Post: Oil Price Could Doom Obama (Zero Hedge); NFP - SSA & Ben (Zero Hedge)

02 February 2011 Bill Gross Compares Ben Bernanke To Satan, Calls For A Bondholder-Citizen "Exorcizing" Comintern (Zero Hedge); ADP Comes At 187K On Expectations Of 140K, Previous Revised 50K Lower (Zero Hedge); Much of nation's recent growth may have been a mirage (Washington Post); Marc Faber Calls Bernanke A Liar, Thinks US Inflation Is Running Up To 8%, Believes Pakistan Will Fall Next (Zero Hedge); Chris Martenson Answers How Long The Party In Stocks Can Last (Zero Hedge); €40 Billion Deposit Flight In December Brings Total Irish Bank Run To €110 Billion For 2010 (Zero Hedge); PIMCO vs Whitney: The Muni War Of Words Turns Ugly, As Equity Mutual Funds Welcome The Wipeout In MUB (Zero Hedge); Ron Paul To Ask Fed Why After Trillions In Free Money, Unemployment Is Still Sky High (Zero Hedge); A Tale Of Outright Fraud From An Ex-Member Of Citi's Corporate Derivatives Team (Zero Hedge)

03 February 2011 Job Drought Continues Unabated (Yahoo); Merrill Fired Analyst Who Angered Huge Bank Clients Before Financial Crisis, Says Michael Lewis (Yahoo); S.E.C. Hurt by Disarray in Its Books (Yahoo); When Irish Eyes Are Crying (Vanity Fair); Q&A: Michael Lewis on the Politicians That Sank Ireland (Vanity Fair); Niels Jensen Asks If Plunging Chinese Power Output Is Indicative Of A "Dramatic Economic Slowdown" (Zero Hedge); WSJ & Ben (Zero Hedge); Madoff trustee: JP Morgan execs warned of fraud (Yahoo); Mike Krieger On The Death Of Globalization, The Death Of Currency And The Death Spiral (Zero Hedge); Meredith Whitney Called To Testify Before House On Her Muni Call (Zero Hedge); Housing Armageddon: 12 Facts Which Show That We Are In The Midst Of The Worst Housing Collapse In U.S. History (Zero Hedge); Guest Post: Can't See the Forest For The Trees (Zero Hedge); Atlantic Capital Management: "From Cooke To Hoover To Bernanke" (Zero Hedge)

04 February 2011 NFP +36,000, Huge Miss To +146,000 Expectations, 9% Unemployment, Not Seasonally Adjusted U-6 Surges From 16.6% to 17.3% (Zero Hedge); Jim Rogers Tells CNBC To Change Its Name To CommoditesNBC, Sees Oil At $150, Is Short Nasdaq ETFs, Expects More Governments To Collapse (Zero Hedge); Federally Funded Friday - Bernanke Says More Free Money! (Zero Hedge)

06 February 2011 The BLS: A History Of (Downward) Revisions, Or How The Department Of Truth Goosed Markets With Half A Million Fake Jobs In Two Years (Zero Hedge); Guest Post: The Great Global Debt Prison (Zero Hedge); The Ruinous Fiscal Impact of Big Banks (Yahoo); The rise and fall of a foreclosure king (Yahoo); How Hank Paulson Broke The Law: "This Will Be A Disclosable Event And We Do Not Want A Disclosable Event" - Parsing The Ken Lewis "MAC" Deposition (Zero Hedge); Guest Post: Silver Breaks Its Golden Shackles (Zero Hedge)

08 February 2011 Just How Ugly Is The Truth Of America's Unemployment: David Rosenberg Explains (Zero Hedge); Guest Post: The U.S. Economy Is About To Grow Explosively, Or Whatever (Zero Hedge); China Raises Benchmark Deposit, Lending Rate By 0.25 bps As January Inflation Hits 6% (Zero Hedge); Misquoting Keynes (Hussman Funds); Bruegel Think Tank Says Greece Should Restructure Debt Now, Claims Country Is Insolvent And Further Lending Is Not Viable Strategy (Zero Hedge); Job Openings Drop By 250K In Last Two Months, Stand At 3.1 Million In December (Zero Hedge); Guest Post: The "Matrix" Market: Effects Of Quantitative Easing, High Frequency Trading (Zero Hedge); Simon Black Digs Through The Black Box That Is China's Economy, Doesn't Like The Results (Zero Hedge); "There's Some Crap Getting Done": BlackRock Scared We Are Going Back To "Ponzi Finance Excesses" Of 2007 (Zero Hedge); Why The Fed's Policies Are Actually Hurting The Unemployment Rate (Zero Hedge); NYSE Volume: Lowest Of The Year (Zero Hedge); Guest Post: Why Small Business Isn't Hiring And Won't Be Hiring (Zero Hedge)

09 February 2011 Marc Faber And Nassim Taleb On Risk, And The One Asset To Own Whether One Is Bearish Or Bullish (Zero Hedge); Did WikiLeaks Confirm "Peak Oil"? Saudi Said To Have Overstated Crude Oil Reserves By 300 Billion Barrels (40%) (Zero Hedge); Bankster Vs Deadbeat (Zero Hedge); Failed Danish Bank Makes History With First Senior Bondholder/Depositor Impairments To The Tune Of 41% Of Total (Zero Hedge); Presenting Obama's Plan To Bail Out The (Otherwise Perfectly Solvent) States (Zero Hedge); China Is Orchestrating A 30% Crash In The Property Market (Zero Hedge); Ireland Hikes Insolvent Bank Funding, To Acquire Another €12 Billion In Bank Loans, Brings Total Discount On Loans To 58% (Zero Hedge); Underground world hints at China's coming crisis (Telegraph UK); Wait A Minute--Why Should I Hate Bernie Madoff? (Forbes); Back to the Future? Commodity prices could squeeze economy, just as in 2008. (Barrons); Guest Post: Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lender (Zero Hedge); Alan Grayson On Mortgage Fraud (Lack Of) Accountability: "President Obama... Let These Crooks Off The Hook" (Zero Hedge); Guest Post: China, Inflation & Gold: China Created Paper Money And Paper Money Then Created Inflation (Zero Hedge)

10 February 2011 End the Fed? Actually, Maybe Not. (Slate); January Foreclosure Activity Continues To Be Depressed Due To Robofraud, Judicial State REOs Plunge (Zero Hedge); Silver Lease Rates Rise Sharply - Bond Yields in Portugal Rise to Record (Zero Hedge); Here Comes Executive Order 6102 For The QE Generation: Dutch Central Bank Orders Pension Fund To Sell Its Gold (Zero Hedge); Ron Paul Says Next US Crash Will Be Comparable To That Of Soviet Union, Claims QE2 Is "Total Failure" And Fed Is A "Central Planning Cartel" (Zero Hedge); Prominent Chinese Economist Advises Country To Sell Its $500 Billion In GSE Holdings Before QE2 Ends (Zero Hedge); Guest Post: Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (Zero Hedge)

11 February 2011 Guest Post: Travesty of a Mockery of a Sham, Phase II (Zero Hedge); John Paulson Says Fed Gave 'Little' Oversight to Subprime (Bloomberg BusinessWeek); China sees U.S. stoking Brazil and India anger over yuan (Reuters); Administration Declares GSE Model "Dead", Increases Down Payment Requirements, Sends Gold To Highs Of Week (Zero Hedge); A Tale Of Two Inflations: Why US CPI Is Flawed And Why Bernanke Will Maintain ZIRP As Revolutions Rage (Zero Hedge); "Foreclosure Mill" Order to Show Cause Why Ben Ezra & Katz Should Not be Held in Contempt of Court (Zero Hedge); America's labor force hasn't grown since 2008 (Yahoo); SEC files fraud charges against 3 ex-IndyMac execs (Yahoo)

14 February 2011 Albert Edwards (And Goldman Sachs) On "The Biggest Scandal Of The Last Decade": Plunging Labor Force Participation (Zero Hedge); Guest Post: Western Banks Pushing Out Hawks (Zero Hedge); If Everybody Is Importing Inflation... Then Who Is Exporting It? (Zero Hedge); What Part Of Bernanke's Secret FCIC Interview Constitutes A Disclosure Of National Secrets? (Zero Hedge); Guest Post: Democracy And Its Contradictions (Zero Hedge); According To Its National Bureau Of Statistics, Chinese Food Prices Have Increased By 4.6% In Ten Days! (Zero Hedge); Complete Memorandum Decision By Judge Grossman Finding MERS Transfers Illegal (Zero Hedge); Judge Finds MERS Has No Right To Transfer Mortgages, Finds Entire MERS Process Illegal (Zero Hedge)

15 February 2011 NYSE Common Stock Volume Plunges To Sub-2001 Levels (Zero Hedge); Guest Post: Economy Flight 666 - Our One-Way Ticket To Zimbabwe (Zero Hedge); China Lowers Weighting Of Surging Food Prices In CPI (Zero Hedge); Precious Metals Surge Immediately On Higher Than Expected UK Inflation (Zero Hedge); Per Declassified Testimony, Bernanke Blames Blogosphere For Itemizing Disastrous Consequences Of His Actions, Says Goldman Is A Utility (Zero Hedge); Guest Post: Obama's Budget Is A Fantastic Comedy (Zero Hedge); Guest Post: Economy Flight 666 - Our One-Way Ticket To Zimbabwe (Part 2) (Zero Hedge)

16 February 2011 Mortgage Applications Plunge: Composite Down 9.5%, Refinance Index Down 11.4%, Lowest Since July 2009 (Zero Hedge); Guest Post: How To Fake An Economic Recovery (Zero Hedge); PPI Ex Food And Energy Jumps 0.5% On Expectations Of 0.2%, Fresh And Dry Vegetable Prices Jump By 13.7% (Zero Hedge); Per Chris Whalen, Wells Fargo's CFO Quit Due To An Internal Dispute Over Financial Disclosures (Zero Hedge); China, Tired Of Manipulating Home Price Data, Suspends It (Zero Hedge); Matt Taibbi's Latest: " Why Isn't Wall Street In Jail?" (Zero Hedge); How Allstate Used Sampling To Confirm JPMorgan/WaMu Lied About Virtually Everything When Selling Mortgages (Zero Hedge); Guest Post: The $500 Billion Dollar Bailout That You Never Heard About (Zero Hedge); Chris Dodd Crackdown: Darrell Issa Issues Subpoena Demanding Intimate Secrets Of All "Friends Of Angelo" (Zero Hedge)

17 February 2011 MERS Exits Stage Left, Tells Members Not To Foreclose In MERS' Name (Zero Hedge); Europe Locks Out S&P, As Rating Agency Converts All Key European Ratings To "Unsolicited" (Zero Hedge); Comment Letter On Our Crime Scene Of A Stock Market (Zero Hedge)

18 February 2011 If The CME Hiked Gold And Silver Margins By 50% And Nobody Cared, Did A Tree Fall In The Precious Metal Price Suppression Scheme? (Zero Hedge); US 2011 Inflation: 10.6%? (Zero Hedge); Guest Post: Pump It Up (Zero Hedge); Libyan Protesters Hang Two Policemen In Al Baida, As Sermons Urge Locals To Ignore "Imperialist, Zionist" Attempts To Stir Revolution (Zero Hedge); One Step Closer To The End: MERS Corporate Secretary Demoted (Zero Hedge); A Reader's Letter To Ben Bernanke (Zero Hedge); Prepare To Give Up All Private Data For Any Gold Purchase Over $100 (Zero Hedge)

21 February 2011 Looks Like Banks Lose on Risk Plea (Yahoo); "Massive Collapse" For Angela Merkel Following Today's Hamburg Election As Germans "Just Say No" To More European Bail Outs (Zero Hedge); Guest Post: Prove The Mayans Right - Address Structural Economic Problems With Chicanery (Zero Hedge); Mike Krieger's Latest Interview With Max Keiser (Zero Hedge)

22 February 2011 New Doubts Over Housing Data (Yahoo); Pervasive Cross-Asset Liquidations Force Halt Of Italian Stock Exchange (Zero Hedge); Libya Declares Force Majeure On Oil Exports Of 1.5 Million Barrels A Day (Zero Hedge); Guest Post: Fecks, Lies and Video Tape [or the Cabal Channel] (Zero Hedge); With NYSE Short Interest At The Lowest Level In Years Following A Record Short Collapse... Who Will Be The Bid? (Zero Hedge); Gaddafi Said To Have Ordered Libyan Oil Infrastructure Sabotage (Zero Hedge); Korean Bank Run Spreading: Eighth Bank Closes Following "Massive Withdrawals" (Zero Hedge)

24 February 2011 Eric Sprott: "There Is No More Silver Left" (Zero Hedge); Initial Claims Drop 22K To 391K, On Expectations Of 405K, Durable Goods Collapse (Zero Hedge); New Home Sales Plummet 13% To 284,000 Annualized Rate, 19K Actual Homes Sold Lowest Monthly Ever (Zero Hedge); S&P To Withdraw All US Rating On May 24, Convert Everything To "Unsolicited" (Zero Hedge); Liquidations Coming: Hedge Fund Margin Debt Surges - Total Free Cash Lowest Since July 2007, Just Prior To Quant Wipe Out (Zero Hedge)

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