Esther Ann Downen 1864 - 1912
Esther Downen Allyn
Esther Allyn
Esther Allyn Armstrong
Esther Armstrong

Esther was the daughter of Timothy Downen (1830-1898) and Rachel Mills (1831-1866). She was born on 1 January 1864 in Posey County, Indiana, USA.

She married John Allyn (1857 - 1931) on 27 June 1878 in Posey County. They had the following children:

Harry Allyn (1880-1926)
Carrie Allyn (1886-1887)
Charles Allyn (1887-1963)
Archie Allyn (1891-1970)
Geneva Allyn (1893-1973)
Nora Allyn (1895-1976)

She married Charles Armstrong (1871-1939) on 4 December 1906 in Posey County. No children are known to have been born to this union.

The first census that Esther showed up in was the 1870 one, in Robinson Township of Posey County. Her mother Rachel died in 1866 and her father remarried Mary E. Keeling, who is found with much of the rest of the family in the 1870 census. (census image here) (View neighbors in html)

After her marriage to John, the couple and their newborn son Harry were found in the 1880 census in Lynn Township in Posey County. (census image here)

Between 1880 and 1900 the family moved to Gallatin County, Illinois, where they were found in Omaha Township at the time of the 1900 census. By then five more children had been born, although their daughter Carrie had died in infancy. (census image here)

Between 1900 and 1906 apparently John and Esther were divorced, and in 1906 Esther married Charles Armstrong in Posey County. The 1910 census found Esther and Charles and her three youngest children in Twigg Township of Hamilton County, Illinois. Her son Harry had married Sara Beatty before 1910 and was living in Mount Vernon, Illinois. Charles had married Edith Krieger in 1905 and was living in Saint Clair County near St. Louis. (census image here)

Esther died on 19 March 1912 in Broughton, Illinois. She is buried in Hickory Hill Cemetery in Hamilton County. Charles Armstrong lived until 1939, but I do not know if he is buried at Hickory Hill with Esther or not, I have not located his burial place. John Allyn lived until 1931 when he died in St. Clair County. He is buried in Mount Hope Cemetery in St. Clair County.

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