Social Security Death Index Search Sites (some free, some require a subscription)

As of early 2018 no site contains death entries later than March 2014, and some only go through February 2014 -- this is true of both paid and free search sites

Ancestry SSDI search (subscription required)
FamilySearch Social Security Death Index Search (Free but registration required)
Genealogy Bank Social Security Death Index Search (I believe this is a pay site)
Social Security NumIdent Search 1936-2007
(Numident does not cover any deaths past 2007 but typically contains information not in the social security death index, such as a person's gender - can be a bit cumbersome to use but this is a very powerful site, you can search on exact dates and also on partial or missing names)
Stephen Morse SSDI Search page
As of December 2011 the free Rootsweb search is no longer available

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