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My name is Chris Mills, some of you reading this are familiar with me because you used to talk to me on the Micro J Systems tech support phone number "back in the day."

Micro J de facto ceased to exist in early 2015, although confusingly enough as of this date (29 April 2016) the 800 numbers for Micro J and the Micro J website still work, although I believe the customer support functions for the website no longer work. In addition, you cannot get a live person using the Micro J phone numbers, they just go to voicemail, and apparently no one returns those messages, although I could be wrong on that.

In March 2015 I was contacted by Jim Jonassen (the founder of Micro J) who told me he was shutting down the company and asked if I was willing to support any former Micro J customers who still needed help. I told him yes and since then Jim has referred people to me from time to time who wanted help.

If you are still running PcHunter or Tempus Fugit, here's what I can help you with:

Tech Support (including installation or reinstallation of the program as I have some of the program installers)
Database Repair
Database Purging of obsolete or bad information
Database Conversion (I can convert from the Omnis7 format of PcHunter and Tempus to more standard formats such as Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel)

Here's what I cannot do:

Give access to resume parsing (which no longer works on Micro J)
Product updates (as I am not an omnis developer and don't have access to the source code)

If you have questions you can talk to me for free, but if you need serious help you'll need to open a support ticket, and those start at $100 (US). If you need a lot of help I do offer support contracts which cover unlimited support for the things I do handle for one year, but NO support for things I don't handle, which is to say, resume parsing and program upgrades. By the way, I can also handle many generic computer support functions, although I am pretty useless on the Mac.

If you'd like to get in touch with me you can contact me via email, phone, or LinkedIn:

Email: microj @ mills-sfv.com
(copy this into your email send to field and remove the spaces - sorry about that but I find email addresses left in the clear on the internet tend to get deluged with spam within an amazingly short period of time)

Phone: 818-679-4563

My LinkedIn Profile
(You can send me an InMail but I won't accept a connection request on LinkedIn unless I recognize your name)

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