Advanced Search

Advanced Search

Advanced Search

To use Advanced Search, open the standard Search icon.

  1. Click the Search icon on the icon toolbar.

  2. Select Company, People or Job Order from the list of files to search and click OK.

  3. Within the Search by ... window. click Advanced Search in the lower left corner.

  4. The three fields at the top of the search window correspond to the left three columns beneath.  Clicking the down arrow to the right of the first field provides a drop down list of available fields that can be searched.  Click here for a list of the fields that can be searched.

  5. The second field contains a drop down list of boolean operators.  The possible operators are Equals (default), Not Equal To, Begins With, Contains, Does not contain, Less than, More than, and Between.

  6. The third field is blank, enter your search string here.

  7. Once you've selected a field to search and a boolean operator and entered a search string, click the Add button to the right and your search results will preview beneath the search fields.

  8. If the search preview generates any matches, highlight that line and click Send to List in the lower left corner of the results window to send the search results to a search list.

Some care will need to be taken to search fields correctly.  For example, searches on the datacode subcode fields, and the Skill and Misc datacode categories, will generally use the Contains or Does not contain boolean operators.  Any field that can contain multiple values (such as most of the datacode fields) will need to be searched using Contains or Does not contain, instead of using Equals or Not Equal To.

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