Current Resume

Current Resume

Current Resume

Any one of the documents attached to a people record can be flagged as the Current Resume. Flagging an attached document as the current resume allows it to be viewable from a people search list by clicking on the View Resume button.

Only one attached document per people record can be flagged as the current resume.  If you select a different attached document and click the Current Resume button, the highlighted document will become the current resume and the original current resume will revert to a normal attachment.

When a people record is created using Advanced AutoEntry (no longer supported as of 2016), by default the document that was used to create the record will be flagged as the Current Resume.

To set an attached document as the Current Resume

  1. From a people record, click on the Open Document icon or the View Attached Documents button.

  2. From the list of attached documents, select the one you want to flag as the Current Resume (if that document is not yet attached, attach it to the record before proceeding).

  3. If the Current Resume button is grayed out when you highlight that document, stop.  The document you have selected is already the Current Resume.

  4. Click on the Current Resume button.  The button will then gray out and the Current Resume name at the top of the attached documents window will update to display the name of the file you just selected.

If you delete a document that is flagged as the Current Resume without selecting another document as the Current Resume first, there will be no document selected as the Current Resume.


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