Custom Fields

Custom Fields

User Defined Fields

Custom fields can be defined in the Company, People, or Job Order screens.  You can set up an unlimited number of user defined fields within each category of records.

Setting up User Defined Fields:

  1. From the desk, click the Administration drawer (you must have Administrative access to set up user defined fields).

  2. Click on the User Defined Fields button in the bottom right corner of the Administration window.

  3. Within the User Defined Fields setup window, click on the tab that matches the record type you want to set up fields for (People Fields, Company Fields, or Job Order Fields).

  4. Within each category, you have the option to Add New Field, Edit Field, or Delete Field.

  5. Each field has two parts, the Field Name and the field Description.  Fill out both parts and click OK to save your changes.

Adding data to User Defined Fields:

  1. Within a record category that has been set up with User Defined Fields, look up a record you want to add information to within the custom fields.

  2. Click into the Custom Fields button at the bottom of the screen, then highlight the field name you want to add data to and click the Edit button within the User Defined Fields window.

  3. Within the Value field that opens up, enter the information you want to add to that field of that record.

  4. When finished entering data, click on the OK button within the User Defined Fields window.


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